Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Go with the Glow !

Everyone wants glowing, shiny and gorgeous skin. But, due to harsh sun, immense pollution, and unhealthy lifestyle, this is becoming a difficult task to achieve. You can go for endless beauty treatments ,pricey products or layers of make up but nothing gives you glowing skin. However, these are some inevitable ways to spend money from your pocket leaving your skin damaged. So, here are a few simple and effective tricks that can help you get a naturally glowing skin, right at home.

  • Papaya makes your skin radiant and works like a magic on tanned skin. Mash a few pieces of a ripe papaya and apply the paste on your face for a few minutes. Then rinse it off with cold water. This will bring a nice glowing charm to your face.
  • Mix carrot pulp with multani mitti (Fuller's earth) with Vitamin- C tablet. Apply on face and wash it off in 10 minutes. 
  • Potatoes are very effective natural bleaching agent. Slice thin pieces of potatoes, pour few drops of water on its surface and then rub them gently on your skin. This will make your skin look lighter and younger.
  • Mix basil leaves and yoghurt to make a paste. Apply it on the pigmentation area.
  • Scrub your body with sugar mixed with olive oil. Scrub till sugar melts , then wash off the area.
  • Make sure to have a healthy diet , foods which are rich in omega 3 rich oily fish, vegetables and fruits.
  • Make a paste by mixing honey, lemon juice and kosher salt. Use this as a scrub. It will help to exfoliate and sterilise your skin, naturally.
  • Make a mixture of gram flour and grind almonds. This scrub will exfoliate your dead skin and renew its natural glow. If you have dry skin, then add some un-boiled milk to the mix.
  • Rather than relying on make up for glowing skin. Why not go out for outdoor activities? Combine these skin color boosting benefits with Jogging, Cycling or Yoga.
Going to parlour is a sheer waste of time when you can blossom at home within minutes.

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