Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Palazzo Pants : No More Nightwear

Wave goodbye to the skinny fitted and tight figured jeans and say hello to the new loose and wide-leg trouser trend for this monsoon. Getting dressed in pyjamas is no more nightwear as it has turned into latest street wear. These comfortable and downright cool Palazzo pants are new latest trend this new bright coloured summer skies.
Palazzo trousers are popular as a summer season style, as they are loose and tend to be flattering in light, flowing fabrics that are breathable in hot weather. 

Silk and other natural fibre textiles are popular fabrics for this design. Pick anything be it animal prints, stripes and spots, patterns or abstract , neon’s or coloured checks has become clear cut fashion winner this summer. You cannot deny about how comfortable they are for people in this hot and humid weather where these pants come to rescue. It’s now certainly case of wider, the better.
People have been wearing lounge pants, pyjamas and slouchy shirts since the time I remember. I am delighted as I can wear them in office as well which allows me to go for hangouts soon after my working hours.                                                                                                                

Fashion is finally paying heed to those lazy people who want to feel at home all the time. Pyjama dressing was huge during 60s and 70s during those hippie days. Today, we see trend has reinvented itself with the oldies in different looks from casual poise to offbeat and hunky. The line ‘Old is Gold’ proves to be the most perfect statement for this summer.
 Pairing these pretty and attractive palazzos with a spaghetti or loose tee with a colourful scarf and a pair of flip flops just makes you look perfect for an outing. They can also be dressed up with accessories like chunky jewellery or a long silver locket.
 These pants have caught the eye of not only teenagers but mothers too who are not less in the league when it comes to being fashionable and svelte. It not only hides your curves and bulges but also makes you look trendy, chic and stylish. Go boho-chic with this new trend and dash them up with bright and happy colours which make you feel more enthusiastic and energetic for a day out with friends. 
Coz as we always say LOOK BEAUTIFUL.

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