Sunday, 1 September 2013

Worker's Wardrobe

Need a dress code for workplace? Confused with what to wear or how to wear? 
Dressing for a job interview , a workplace, a networking event , an internship can be a cause of anxiety at some point in the career. Everybody wants to impress their Boss where your clothes and attitude plays the most crucial part. Your clothes say a lot about you, who you are and want to be.

Firstly , Your dress depends on the season and also on the city you work in. Every place has its own restrictions , society and norms. It's a lot to think about , no wonder why people feel frustrated with this kind of thing.

Suffice to say, I know a lot about it and can give tons of tips to get your wardrobe in a professional setting — without sacrificing Style, of course.

If you're a fashionable girl working in a buttoned-up, ultra conservative world, dressing professionally is an absolute must. Unfortunately, professional settings are not exactly friendly to the fashion forward. Luckily, you can maintain a level of style by working in fashionable elements through subtle accessories and chic silhouettes. 

While there are no rules for Girls in fashion but there are rules for fashion in a workplace. A few basic guidelines formal dressing include the following:
  • Always wear color based on a neutral color palette (black, white, cream , charcoal or grey). No neons or any other bright colors are strictly restricted as they wont cut it in the boardroom.
  • Avoid gaudy accessories. Just try to think simple , sleek and chic.
  • Wear scuff — free heels or flats in a neutral color. If you go for heels, don't wear anything higher than 3 or 4 inches. Wedges, Pumps or Stilettos are a big NO-NO 
  • Hair should be groomed, neat and simple. Hairstyle should be till shoulder length, shorter or buns. Long hair are too girlish , sexy and distracting for a workplace, try pulling them back or pull it up.
  • Make up should accentuate features rather than jumping out.
  • Finger nails should be well maintained with subtle polish or the natural look.
  • Girls have no hard and fast rules , you can wear Kurti or Suit. Formal dressing includes pants or trousers with a cardigan or blazer are appropriate.
Clothes are undoubtedly important , whereas your Attitude, Hard Work and Determination towards work impresses your seniors the most. So be Confident coz as we proudly say LOOK BEAUTIFUL.


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